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Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 in Plurnt Photos | 0 comments

Getting #Plurnt

Come to #Space tonight & get plurnt up w/ David Tort in the Terrace & CocoDrills & Bastigrub in the loft. You also have Dj Green Lantern in the basement spinning that trap & hiphop as well❗ #spacenation #spacemiami #edmconnect #plurnt #cocodrills #edm
Come to #Space tonight & get plurnt up w/ David Tort in the Terrace & CocoDrills & Bastigrub in the loft. You also have Dj Green Lantern in the basement spinning that trap & hiphop as well❗ #spacenation #spacemiami #edmconnect #plurnt #cocodrills #edm

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